Tiki culture took off in the 1930’s when Don the Beachcomber opened his self-named Polynesian-themed bar and restaurant in southern California. Don quickly became famous for his unique rum and fruit juice cocktails, making his restaurant a hot spot for celebrities and Hollywood elites. Interest in Tiki exploded after WWII, when soldiers returned from overseas and brought back exotic stories of island life. People fell in love with the escapist culture and enjoyed taking a mini-vacation to their local Tiki bar; a place that they could watch live Polynesian performances while sipping drinks from coconuts and hollowed pineapples. Tiki made its way around the world to Hong Kong in 2012 with the opening of Honi Honi, and now Mahalo Cocktail Lounge welcomes its guests to step back to the romantic period of time where an island escape is just down the road.